Building Confidence,
Shaping Futures

Your new chapter awaits....

Building Confidence,
Shaping Futures

A private women-only personal training and nutrition studio. Let us help you start this incredible and empowering new chapter of your life today!

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Personalized Wellness Solutions

Take Control of Your Life! Whether you are looking for personal training, workout classes, or nutrition, our certified personal trainers and fitness nutrition specialists can help you reach your goals. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with HLM Fitness. Start your wellness journey with us and discover your potential!

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Embarking on a wellness journey can be daunting, but with HLM Fitness, you're never alone. We believe in your potential to achieve your fitness goals. We're here to guide you, build your confidence, and help you conquer your goals, one step at a time.

Two women posing in a gym with one wearing black and the other white.
A group of people in the gym doing exercises.

Have the Right Plan of Action

At HLM Fitness we have over 13 years experience in strength training with a specialized focus in women's fitness and weight loss. A completely different training program is created for every client based on that client's goals, current fitness level, and more.  No two women are the same, therefore we believe no one should have the same training program. We pride ourselves in the complete customization of each and every client's training and nutrition plans.

Unleash Your Potential

Ready to embark on your fitness journey? Take the first step toward a healthier you. Contact HLM Fitness today and let our experienced personal trainers and weight management specialists guide you to success!


Wealth of Knowledge

"Heather is an amazing, passionate trainer. She is a wealth of knowledge ... You will not regret training with Heather, the results will speak for themselves."
-Caroline, Competition Client

Caroline B.

Stronger & Energized

"She knows her stuff.... I feel stronger & energized after each session... she <knew> when to push me, checked in & adjusted the workout as needed ..if you get a chance to work with Heather, do it!"

Virtual Training Client

Happy Tears

"Honestly...I almost cried when I saw that number on the scale. It's something I never thought I'd achieve. More importantly I feel strong, healthy and confident."

Heather T.

Down 25 lbs!

"Heather’s commitment and dedication to her clients is second to none. Following her nutrition plans not only helped me lose 25lbs but gave me a new found confidence."

Heather T.

Fun Workouts!

"Thank you Heather for your Sunday morning class! It sets the tone for the whole day. Although I do Not Like to work out you somehow make it fun!"

Susan S.

“The classes are great! It’s a great circuit workout and it is nice that all of the women area at different fitness levels so it’s not intimidating! Heather is very nice and helpful. She motivates you through he entire workout and pays attention to everyone to make sure their form is correct. It’s also very affordable.”

Kaitlyn S.

“Class was AMAZING! I’m looking forward to my next one! Heather is so encouraging and an inspiration to say the least. Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed!"

Kristy V

“Amazing class! Awesome instructors! I do both personal training and the group classes and recommend them to everyone!"

Diana R.

“Heather’s classes make working out so mindless and fun! The workouts are for anyone at any level and she always offers modifications for all exercises. It’s a great sweat!"

Cortnee B