Small Group
Strength Classes

Originally designed to accommodate the women on our waitlist for personal training, our small group fitness coaching classes are open to everyone and offer a unique training style in an intimate setting that allows for adequate attention to be given to each individual. At HLM Fitness, we are the only studio that allows our classes to use equipment such as the leg press, cable machines, and more in order to achieve optimal results for our clients as quickly and safely as possible! Get the personal training experience in our small group training classes, where all fitness levels are welcome! Sign-up is done online; see below. No contract or commitment.


“The classes are great! It’s a great circuit workout and it is nice that all of the women area at different fitness levels so it’s not intimidating! Heather is very nice and helpful. She motivates you through he entire workout and pays attention to everyone to make sure their form is correct. It’s also very affordable.”

Kaitlyn S.